Saturday, January 28, 2012

Transformation Jefferson City

There is a sales tax vote coming up. While I was thinking about it, something came to mind. Here's the story.

At Christmas, my family flew from Columbia, MO to Tampa, FL. It was our Christmas present to each of us. We arranged airline tickets and flew from Columbia Regional Airport to Memphis to Tampa. It was such a great trip. It took 20 minutes to drive to the airport. We parked free. Had easy connections coming and going. Upon our return landing in Columbia, we only had another 20 minutes to get home. It worked just like clockwork.

With the transformation of Jefferson City, wouldn't we attract more people? With more population, wouldn't that assure us Jefferson City would be able to continue to support air traffic in and out of our beautiful city? The Capitol City should really be an accessible town.

Earnest Money Dispute

Earnest Money Dispute

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The Home Team
RE/MAX Jefferson City
2316 St Marys Blvd-Suite 200
Jefferson City, MO 65109


I look forward to meeting with you. The following is a little history about me.

When I was studying in school, I had one teacher who made a difference for me.
That was Mr. Schaul, my math teacher. I was sitting in the front row and he was
explaining algebra. Of course I wasn’t focused on the subject, but he called on me.
He got my attention! He asked me questions. Showed me how to work the problem.
And by golly, the light bulb turned on. I got it! So thank you Mr. Schaul. I am
forever grateful.

I don’t know if this is why I love teaching. But I do love watching people learn the
process of buying and selling real estate. When the light comes on, I feel happy.
I feel good.

When we get together, don’t feel shy about asking questions. The more you know,
the more you will enjoy your real estate experience.

Until we meet,