Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tour of Missouri

The State of Missouri and the Tour of Missouri had the rapt attention of the world when we had the major cycling event for 3 consecutive years. The Tour was on a par with international races like the Tour de France. Missouri had the priviledge of having the elite of the elite race between Kansas City and St. Louis. The good news is that the State Legislature approved supporting the race a 4th year. Now we have run into a stumbling block; the Governor has dismissed that request.

There were so many benefits to having the race in Missouri. The obvious was economical - studies proved there was a great return on the State's investment. The second benefit was increased interest in cycling for health and wellness. With the increased interest, the public bought bicycles. People exercised and had fun while exercising. Families got together, and went out and rode their bikes. A third benefit is that visitors became aware of what a beautiful state we have. Perhaps they would like to return for a vacation. Finally, a youngster here could realize that he, too, can become an outstanding athlete. The world class athletes riding in the Tour of Missouri are very approachable.

The Governor and the Division of Tourism want to put the money into marketing for other programs like, ummmmm, what? Anybody? They have been doing this for umteen years; can anyone think of a program? The state of Missouri can continue promoting whatever they have been promoting or we can have something special like the Tour of Missouri. My choice is the Tour. Let's make our choice known to the Governor.

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  1. Good job! Don't hold back now. Let us know how you really feel.